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March 12th, 2016 06:52 pm
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Tigress. 31. Female. Texas.

Moshi moshi! Welcome to the tiger's den.

I am the cat who walks by herself and all places are alike to me.

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Welcome again to the tiger's den!
And have a nice stay, but always remember one thing.
It's the lady or the tiger, darling.

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I'm on my new Chromebook. )

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This is a documentary on Saul D. Alinksy... )

If you're still asking why being a "community organizer" qualified Obama to become president, the answer is basically Saul Alinksy.

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I've already posted all of these to Tumblr by 5:43 AM on Tuesday, but my cat started harassing me for attention. I'll have to postpone posting the whole batch to DW and LJ for a bit...

It's 6:28 AM now and Lucius finally let me go after giving him some love and attention. I did these surveys yesterday, but I got sidetracked several times and then I finally fell asleep. Otherwise I've been distracted by anime. At least I'm posting anything at all, right? I could just as easily ignore social media sites like LJ and DW, but I'm still a survey-taker.

I've also bought so much merch that I haven't even talked about. Whatever happened to that? I've recently bought two Mario plushies and one more Pokedoll along with the Pop! of Clyde from Pac-man. I bought another of Blinky too because the one I had gotten before had stuff moving inside the box. I could never get him to display well.

The Mario plushies were one of Tanooki Mario and one of the Piranha Plant while the Pokedoll is a standing version of Eevee. It turns out that the Walgreens near the Casa Ole we like had a much better stock! I'm wanting to go back to it sometime next month only because I'm already out of funds for April after spending $30 on DD over on Goatlings.

Some from yesterday. )

If I buy anymore plushies or Pop! figs sometime next month then I guess I can start posting about that again here. Honestly, I should delve into my staff of plushies and make a list of what I actually have. That might be a good, small project for me during the rest of this month or sometime in May before my birthday.

I've gotten several Pop! figs in the last few months, but I didn't add them to my online list. I lost track of that somewhere along the way so I should probably review my inventory of those as well and then update my PPG stats. Whenever I actually get all of that done, I'll make a post about it detailing all my updates.

As for right now, I'm probably heading off to bed pretty soon. It's already 7:03 AM. I had to finish my HTML and I got side-tracked by some things I wanted to search online. I've got some more surveys lined up for later, though!

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I've done some more and I'm actually posting them the same day. Surprise and joy!

I'm loving the fact that DW has a cross-posting function so I don't have to copy-pasta and it looks as if several LJers have flocked on over in ph34r of the Russian Federation anyway. It's the right time to be cross-posting. Thus my forethought to get a DW account back in December. I'm only bummed that someone's dead RP account has "eyeofthetigress" right now.

But I use the 86, which comes from my birth year, on Tumblr and on one of my email accounts anyway. Someone else got to the rest of it first over at Tumblr, unfortunately. At least the 86 version was available on DW!

The lyric for my cut is from 311's Amber. Remember them? If not, you might want to check them out if you like 90s alt music. You know, back when tunes were better. I listened to them in my late teens after my deeper, darker phase full of Inkubus Sukkubus, Within Temptation, Theatre Of Tragedy, etc.

Woah-oh, amber is the color of your energy. )


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