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Tigress. 31. Female. Texas.

Moshi moshi! Welcome to the tiger's den.

I am the cat who walks by herself and all places are alike to me.

I'm a mentally disabled cat mother of two with mild cases of Bipolar and Paranoid Schizophrenia. I also have Social Anxiety and learning disabilities -- dyscalculia, DTD and long-term memory problems. My biggest hobbies are taking surveys, playing Animal Crossing, spending time with my cats, researching topics of interest and coloring.

My ethnic blend has Scotch Irish, Native American, English and Portuguese influences. I was born and raised in the USA in the state of Texas close to the Gulf of Mexico and not all that far from Galveston. My parents always took me to their church when I was a child although I explored the religions the world had to offer at age 13 to do some soul-searching and truth-seeking.

I came right back to Jehovah and Christ in a very logical, analytical way at that time which didn't suffice as I would soon discover. I was tested through facing demonic forces during my latter adolescence. After suffering from demonic oppression and defeating it by choosing to accept Christ as my personal Savior without a shadow of doubt, I was eventually baptized half a year after planning to do so.

I'm now a true and born again Christian and I follow the Baptist denomination because it most closely adheres to the Holy Word of God. Due to my religious, spiritual experience and my morality as defined by God, I most closely identify as a Constitutional Conservative who's passionately pro-life and for religious freedom.

I'm against both same-sex marriage and parenting for more than just religious reasons as an avid study of human behavior. There are many LGBTQ+ rights I support that are merely human rights, however. I also support the medical legalization of marijuana with intense regulation and appropriate supplementary laws. I'm for capital punishment although it should be used with great discretion as a last resort or a necessary prevention in extreme cases.

I prize personal liberty, but I value morality above all else. A standard of moral behavior is required to practice morality. Only a true and living infallible God of all creation can define that standard. Jehovah God provides a clear path for mankind to follow unlike any other monotheistic deity I've ever researched. The need for humans to be saved by God is clear and Christ is that Savior.

My personality is that of a skeptical realist who questions everything about the world around her with unwavering curiosity and an unending thirst for knowledge. I'm a cat lover, retro gamer and survey taker who's a strong, dominant, aggressive and outspoken personality. I'm courageous, opinionated, fierce, intelligent and free.

I'm very creative, inventive and original as well as gifted in music and linguistics. Writing is a love of mine whether it's fanfiction or poetry or the lyrics to a tune in my mind. Freedom is priceless to me and my individuality is highly important. I may refuse to conform to certain social norms that aren't logical and reasonable. I'm a sheep of God and not a lemming!

I can be too stubborn, domineering and authoritative. I'm also easily distracted from my more personal projects or by new topics that pique my interest. I'm too aloof and detached outside of my circle of close friends and family. Getting close to me requires time and patience as I'm complex to the point of complication for some who can't follow along.

So if you want to follow the bouncing Tigress, this is the place to read my extra bits of life. You can learn more about me through the surveys I take and my lifeposts that express some of my experiences, thoughts, feelings and beliefs in general. I also post about the stuff I buy as a borderline shopping addict and I make occasional political commentaries.

I'm eyeofthetigress, but you can just call me Tigress for short. It's my most-used nickname among friends that's derived from my strong and powerful nature as well as my Chinese zodiac sign. I'm a Yang Fire/Red by year and the animal really suits me, especially since felines are symbolic of my soul.

[Posting Habits]

  • Post topics: Surveys, lifeposts, merch updates, political posts, etc.

  • Post frequency: There's no average. I post whenever I like.

  • Comment frequency: If I have something to say then I'll comment.

  • Warnings: My personality is strong and not for the faint of heart nor mind.

[Wanted Friends]

  • Preferred age range: 18+ plz. I'm 30, but having younger friends is okay too.

  • Looking for: Anyone's fine so long as you heed my warnings below.

  • Friending deal-breakers: No sex obsessions nor easily offended, oversensitive and/or PC types!

  • Favorite friends list post topics: Anything but too much sexual content is fine by me.

  • Comment expectations: I don't expect them, but they're certainly welcome.

[Major Interests]

  • TV shows: Gotham, The Exorcist, Alone, Yo-kai Watch and MLP.

  • Movies: Horror flicks, DCEU, MCU, Star Trek, Disney and '80s animations.

  • Video games: Nintendo! Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario, etc.

  • Books: Educational nonfiction is preferred. Arthurian legend, true crime, fringe interests, etc.

  • Other: Pokédolls, Funko merch, Amiibos, Maneki Neko, DJ Pon3, leopard print, tigers, etc.

Welcome again to the tiger's den!
And have a nice stay, but always remember one thing.
It's the lady or the tiger, darling.


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