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I've discovered Goatlings.com and it's kept me preoccupied for a while. I even got a Paypal account so I could buy some Diamond Dust for a Crown Account and other DD goodies. It's even cuter than Gaia Online!

My username is Tigress86 and all of my Goatlings have an 86 behind their names which are all some variant of "itty" -- Bitty, Witty, Britty, Vitty, Kritty, Gritty, Pritty, etc. I wasn't feeling particularly creative and apparently uniform, I guess. I've stuck with it so far.

I usually get into something like this for a few days and then let it set for a while, though. I've been like that with my new Gaia Online account too. That's probably going to happen with this as well, but it doesn't bother me.

I'll try to post some surveys tomorrow since I don't have any appointments until Tuesday, but I do need to schedule one with my primary. It's likely that I have yet another UTI since they've been hard to shake after my hysterectomy. I don't know when I can get in to see her, though.

Otherwise, I've been doing fine and so have my cats. Lucius is a frequent visitor in the day, but he likes to prowl the town by night until the early AM an hour or so before sunrise. I'm currently seeing a chiropractor who uses some rather old school methods. Those and my appointments with my nutritionist have gone well so far.

My goals for the latter are losing weight, working on portioning my meals better and eventually getting to the point of some exercise in some form. I've already completed my goal of drinking more water and getting some kind of water enhancer to use some of the time. I've gotten some of those Skinnygirl Stevia ones.

Lucius will need to be neutered, but we're shopping around for the best price since it's so expensive. I'm hoping we could get it done this month or the next. Speaking of the next month, I'm going back to Galveston for another endocrinologist appointment and my cousin Julie is probably returning for another visit as well.

That's all for a short general update and I hope I can post some surveys sometime tomorrow unless I've got to leave the house again. We'll see.

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