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You and every other person who doesn't speak Russian. Which means that agreeing to the new TOS is actually bullshit. You can't really agree with something you can't even read, can you?

So why're the Russians taking control? I hear tell that our majority here is made up of Russians and Russia would like to quash the dissenters. So don't talk about your love for the tsars or anything!

I highly doubt they want to steal your last post, make your private affairs known, and eat your first-born child. Or anything like that. But they would like you to friend Putin's upcoming account!

"Not legally binding" is in there somewhere. Maybe because most of us Americans can't read it? Although consenting to something you can't read does sound rather dubious, I'm given to understanding that paid accounts are exempt from the changes of the Russian takeover.

If you're worried about the sky falling, Chicken Little -- or if you just hate Russia with the burning passion of a fiery hot red star -- then you should be backing your shit up via Dreamwidth. Honestly, you should've already been doing it.

I'm a little confuzzled as to why some people are suddenly surprised by the TOS update. The Russians have infiltrated this site already and it's not a bad thing, but the Russian government certainly would like to quell the dissenters who hang out here too.

So should you be worried if Russia doesn't like your latest yaoi fic or that post you made about hating circus bears? That's up to you to senselessly debate instead of using DW as your backup just in case the bear poop hits the fan.

I didn't feel that bothered to be doing so until the TOS notice myself, but I have a DW account waiting in the wings that I made earlier this year. I'm not that concerned about saving old posts for posterity, but having a DW account isn't difficult and it provides a backup or a place to migrate to if the worst should happen.

I'm so not fazed by this move because it was obviously immanent what with all the Russians posting here these days. Russia has a right to doing what it wants to its own people whether such is morally or ethically correct just as the government in the USA has the right to enforce its own laws.

I would only migrate on over to DW full time if my rights as a citizen of the USA were being infringed by this Russian takeover. I doubt they care about my merch collections, surveys, lifeposts and occasional political comments. I'm not that interesting.

March has just become my new bad health month. I had some converging problems that gave me a lot of fatigue. Now I'm having back-to-back Bipolar insomnia. Fantastic! But I do feel better than I did last month.

I'm even doing a big ol' row of surveys to be posted whenever I darn well feel like it because I'm still not committing to anything only to fail at it epically. I just can't push myself into doing things. It never works and never fails to fail.

Oh, and I got a therapist recommendation from my dietitian.

That sounds horrible. Let me try that again... My dietitian recommended a therapist to me because I'm realizing that my borderline shopping addiction via Bipolar II and my intense love of Zero sodas have become unhealthy crutches to cope with my physical ailments.

I'm just having pain on a regular basis and I need a way to cope that's not so destructive. When I run out of $$$ I'll go straight for those Zeroes of mine that I really wanted to cut back on since last year. They're not that much better for me than regular sodas.

I expressed my despair about past therapy experiences to the dietitian who offered me someone's card and I'll be looking into an appointment with them sometime soon. And now that I'm 30 years old, I'm not going to even fathom that anyone in SETX is competent.

I'm going to aggressively lay my needs on the line and assess the situation at hand with hawk eye level accuracy. I'm just going to size this person up with all of my discernment, intuitive empathy, knowledge of human behavior and good old-fashioned common sense.

And I'm going to directly request that we NOT become BFFs before I get some actual help like the last therapist I tried. And no one will ever lead me into anything as to abuse me ever again nor will I tolerate a rambler like the one I had at my psychologist's office.

I fully intend to make myself and my intentions absolutely clear instead of believing that this person has any clue as to what they're doing. And they'll know it. Maybe that will help me get some actual help.

Of course, I have continued talking to Mik about my general issues, but he's MIA for a while and he hasn't come to any good conclusions regarding my problem. His help tends to be walking people through their feels, assisting in making decisions that effect their well-being, giving general advice, sharing brain-training methods, and just listening to me personally as a friend of mine and not a shrink who wants to know how my pain makes me feel.

I'll give this a try, but I have low expectations. I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised. If not then I might need to find a healthier food addiction to use as a crutch whenever my pain problems flair up the way they did in March. Or else resign myself to dying from diabetes and hypothyroidism when I'm, like, 50 or so.

I'm going to try to chill for the rest of the night since I have an appointment tomorrow. I'll just keep doing my surveys until I start posting. NEVER COMMIT!


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