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It's just been busy. First there was my cousin's visit weeks ago and that was like a staycation for me. Mom and I saw Ghost In The Shell and Kong with her, since she convinced me to get into the latter just because I like Gojira. She'll be coming back again sometime around July 4th too.

On her final day here I spent a lot at 2NC and B&N which will probably count toward my birthday money for this month, but I didn't really have much in mind to buy with my usual $100 extra anyway. I thought about buying one of those retro gaming systems at 2NC, but I haven't even used my N3DS all that often lately.

The reason I stayed away from social media altogether were family illnesses. Even my cat Lucius got sick, but he was treated with a pill and a shot yesterday. I was sick that day myself so Mom had to take him in. For all of the five minutes I was awake, I only managed to throw up before crashing back in bed again.

Mom had been sick for awhile with a stomach bug before that and my father had bloodwork done because he's been coughing up a bit of blood now and then. And my maternal grandmother who only has one eye is now having issues with it. There's a strong likelihood that she'll lose that eye too, assuming she lives much longer since she's 90-something.

If she does go blind, we may have to figure out new living arrangements for all of us. Or else my mother will be going over to her mother's on a frequent basis to check up on her. We haven't quite sorted things out, and I haven't exactly felt the need to be on social media sites during all the illnesses either.

I need to help Mom as much as I can, but my grandmother's been doing fairly well in spite of her eye problems. It actually bled and the center of her eye was giving her sight issues. This was probably inevitable given how her other eye is gone, though. There's a bit of history in her family for this kind of thing, but she actually lost the other eye because of a doctor's error.

The doctor she once saw took her off her blood thinner. That's never a good idea. It caused a clot to burst behind the eye which eventually led to it being removed. The eye itself could've been salvaged, but her eyesight would be gone. The pain from it was far too great for her to wait to go over to Houston just to save her eye. She chose to get rid of it.

My own sickness yesterday was most likely something I ate that didn't agree with me the day before. It's surprising that I'm the one doing the best health-wise at the moment, unless you count my other cat who rarely has health problems. Our dog has a few chronic issues that she went to the vet for just the other day. We're not a healthy bunch!

I may have to be offline more often due to everyone else having problems. My mother's over her illnesses now, but she might need some assistance while we're adjusting and trying to decide on the best approach to my grandmother's situation. I can help out with errands and by making sure to take good care of all our pets.

Speaking of them, I tried to ask Mom about what we might have to do in the future. If we have to live with my grandmother, I was concerned about my cats. Mom couldn't even assure me that I wouldn't have to give them up. I intend to push the agenda of keeping them both, of course. I just don't know what options we have because Mom shuts down emotionally.

She's very avoidant that way. Even thinking of the options makes her put up a wall the way she usually does whenever I express my own feelings around her. Both of my parents tend to bottle things up until the cork pops. They're great examples of who I don't want to become in that regard even though avoiding it is difficult when I'm around them.

I will definitely fight to keep my cats if it comes to that, but I really can't tell if losing them is a real possibility right now. If I want to know that then I'll have to get my parents to open up and talk about the issue. I'm really just waiting for a good time to do so at this point and they're probably going to be busy today while tomorrow they'll be going to church.

I'm going to drag them into a conversation about it soon whether they like it or not. Something like this just begs to be discussed instead of me allowing them to do what they do best, make hasty decisions that turn out to be awful. I want to avoid that this time around, especially after I've learned so much from their last experience caring for my paternal grandmother.

They made a lot of mistakes with her, although I can assuredly say that she was a handful because she hated my mother before I was even born and she made it obvious. That only got worse when she had dementia. She should never have lived in our home because she tried to make it a living hell for my 'rents every single day.

My maternal grandmother is very different. She's usually in a much better mood despite her problems. Living with her wouldn't be so horrible for all of us, but I'm not sure if it's the best option either. If they wait until something gives to consider their options, my parents will just make a decision in haste again and they tend to make poor ones in such situations.

I want to avoid that and I want to be an advocate for my cats too because I'm the one who really wants them. My parents don't appreciate cats as much as I do and neither of them were that charmed by Lucius when he first showed up. But I have a way of working my charm on my 'rents to help cats in need so I'll just have to muster up some more magic, I hope.


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