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My grandmother's going to see her doctor again next Thursday so I'm hoping for more information about her condition then. I was at least able to help out a bit at her house Saturday, though. My father had to fix her vacuum cleaner since my cousin Jordan apparently used it in a garage or something like that. It even had a whole children's sock in it!

I did some of the vacuuming with a different machine after my mother finally took down the Christmas tree. My grandmother had wanted to keep it up a while and Mom never really found the time and energy to take it down. It was overdue and then there were plastic pine needles to be vacuumed up, which I elected to do.

At around 3:40 AM on Sunday, my mother suddenly realized she hadn't filled her mother's pill box. She rushed off to do that only to leave our dog locked out of the hall by our flimsy double doors. I woke up to her frantically banging on them as my cats watched curiously and I couldn't get back to sleep until about six AM, after finally getting Lucius out of my lap.

I don't even know if my parents made it to church that morning, but they went that night. As I thought, it hasn't been a good time to discuss our situation yet. Maybe I can get to that today, but I have to get my allergy shots at some point. I missed them last Thursday what with a vet appointment for Lucius that afternoon and another appointment that morning.

I'm just hoping my mother will be able to talk about the situation at all, but she might not want to until Grandma's next appointment is over so we'll have more information. I'll have to see if that's how she's really feeling. Maybe that means I should just approach her first without my father there to complicate things.

I'll be doing some surveys to chill and get my mind off that upcoming confrontation because it could go badly, unless she just shuts me out completely as she sometimes does. I just can't let her wait to face things until the last minute. That's when my parents make so many unnecessary mistakes. I don't want to be forced to live through such again.
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