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Something awful happened early in the AM last Sunday. There was a collared cat who came well into our yard and it woke me up by screaming. My cats were near it, but they were just acting disturbed by its odd behavior. I got close enough to shoo it with my foot and it actually took my house shoe.

That was a major sign that something was really wrong with it. The next clues were its completely dilated eyes. Since it was behaving fearlessly aggressive toward me specifically, I got in between it and our front door to quickly assess the situation. Then I got my littlest cat Pearl into the house before retrieving my father who had been asleep.

I managed to get Lucius out of the way while Dad was getting up and then I kept watch over this strange cat. It tried to slink off very slowly with its long tail lowered and puffed up in obvious fear of something. But the odd part was that most of its tail was actually dragging on the ground limply even though there were absolutely no signs of damage on it or in the area.

The fact that it wasn't just unafraid of me but aggressive was the biggest sign that it wasn't in its right mind. I didn't recall it foaming at the mouth as if it had rabies, but its symptoms were in line with being poisoned. That would tie into the rat we had heard about from our neighbor the day before. Lucius had been playing with it, but it was acting unafraid and unable to flee.

The rat had assuredly been poisoned and we believe that the cat must've come into contact with the poison as well which made our only option at that point to kill it. We had to protect my cats in case it crossed the line from being aggressive with me into violent behavior with other animals, including my own cats.

That was such a difficult decision for me, but I had to help my father with the problem directly. I was the unfortunate witness to the cat's death and those haunting wails it made when it woke me up are still echoing in my mind. It's never easy to kill a creature, but it was assuredly miserable and there was nothing else that could be done for it.

It had a collar on, but it didn't have any ID tags and I'd never seen it before. There really wasn't any way for us to find the owner even though it obviously belonged to someone. Maybe that's for the best? Telling them we had to kill their cat because it must've been poisoned like the rat we saw the day before would be a horrible conversation.

I know I did what I had to in order to protect not only my own cats but other animals in the area and yet it's always awful when you're forced to put an animal down because it just can't be saved. I would never have been able to do it by myself, though. That much is for certain. I'm glad my father was able to handle that himself.

Otherwise, things have calmed down somewhat since last week what with buying my grandmother some new furniture, getting her to the doctor again and other things I had to help out with. I'm not quite as busy, but I've still been getting out to help Mom with her own errands and to get some done for myself. I've had less internet time overall.

Mom is at the point of filling my grandmother's pill box on a daily basis too. Grandma's having trouble remembering what to take so my mother's been going over to her house each day to take care of it herself. It's to be expected. Grandma is about 91 now. We have no idea how much longer she'll live since her only major health problem right now is her eye.

I told her that I would spend the night with her some of the time since she confides in me that she's lonely and a bit scared of being on her own. So I thought I'd probably do that sometime this week. That might happen tonight in fact, but I have to see how the rest of my day goes first. I'm not exactly a barrel of monkeys when I'm having insomnia.

I'm going to try getting over there before Saturday, though. Since there isn't WiFi over there currently, I'll have to bring a few other things to amuse myself with after she goes to bed. My parents are going to set up a wireless connection over there for me eventually because Grandma actually has a TV, voice and internet bundle, though.

I'll probably be toting my Chromebook over there later on which might be the best thing I'll have to do there when she's asleep. I think I'm going to tote a couple of books I got on the shopping spree I had for my birthday a while back when Julie was visiting. I've found yet another that analyzes the Joker by looking at his social impact. The second is a trivia book basically.

I'll just try to update my DW and LJ accounts like this now and then, and I hope I'll actually get some of the surveys I've done posted before the month ends too. I still have a batch from the Monday before last!
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