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But it was a productive day. My grandmother went to the doctor again for another shot in her eye and she's going to get a shot in her knee tomorrow since it's been hurting her so much. She was wiped out after her late appointment today and we left at around 5 PM so we all decided that I could sleep over on what is now today.

Mom will be taking me to get some snacks and we'll get some late lunch or early dinner to take over to Grandma's place where the three of us will eat together before Mom takes off. Assuming it goes according to our best laid plans, that is. I had to get my cats some chow yesterday, though. I ended up detouring into the electronics section of Walmart when I did.

I found the Pixel Pals, one of Link and then both the Mario Bros. as well. They were about $15 a piece and I intend to take them out of their boxes eventually instead of hoarding them forever. Only because they light up!

I don't have much to say right now. I'm pretty tired and I only intend to watch one or two anime eps before attempting to go to bed in my best effort to be bushy-tailed tomorrow. Maybe I can chill more on the weekend. There's been too much to do whenever I'm up during the daytime lately. At least I've gotten a chance to be of use.


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