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I was supposed to go over to Grandma's last Thursday, but Mom didn't even bother waking me up because she barely got any sleep and it took her three or four tries to get my grandmother to wake up. Everyone was tired and lazy on Friday after that. I had slept badly and Mom was just tapped out from a long week.

I asked Mom to wake me up on Saturday so we could try again, but she completely forgot and I ended up sleeping longer than I anticipated. It was too late to do anything by the time I got up. She then asked if we could try again after she goes to church today, but I really don't trust that she'll do it yet if I go to bed.

I'm probably going to hook up the new alarm clock I got a while back now that my old one's busted. I won't have to rely on her to wake me up for certain things. She's becoming unreliable anyway. If it isn't a doctor's appointment or something like that, she tends to completely forget about it and that's an inconvenience for me.

I'm hoping I can finally do this thing today, but I'm not expecting better results if I go take a nap soon. Mom had said that having me spend the night with Grandma some of the time was a good idea and yet she seems a bit unwilling to facilitate it. If she really can't handle waking me up this time then I'll set up my alarm clock immediately and force the issue.

I've just taken advantage of chilling at home the last three days after all the activity lately. I took to watching more anime while I was online, but Crunchyroll isn't that great considering its Saturday down times and regional BS. Maybe I should just get Netflix already since it's got plenty of exclusive content, but I've already found a different anime site.

As for the anime I'm currently watching, I decided to give Boruto an honest chance despite knowing that so many hardcore fans aren't that thrilled by the admittedly cheap next gen theme that seems to take its cues from fanfiction. It really hasn't been that interesting and Boruto is only slightly more likable than his father because his voice isn't fracking horrible.

Otherwise, I'm just getting into the Love Live! content although it's unavailable to me on Crunchyroll. More regional BS. I'm just trying to pick two or three anime series to stick with for now. I haven't found a third that looks good to me, but I saw a trailer for Glitter Force today and it made me interested in the Pretty Cure series which is on C-roll fortunately.

Since Boruto is barely underway, I might find something older to sink my teeth into. The serious lack of SMC lately is making me look for Pretty Girls elsewhere. If anyone reading can recommend a good Mahou Shoujo anime to me then feel free. Anything but Tokyo Mew Mew! That's only because I may be re-watching that one later on since it's been a long time.


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