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So I was watching anime on Sunday so I binged all 13 eps of the first season of "The Familiar Of Zero" which was one of the anime collections I had bought quite some time ago. They don't have anything but the fourth season on C-roll, which seems pointless. I'm able to watch season two elsewhere online, though.

The show's genres are action/adventure, romance and comedy with fantasy elements. It's somewhat of an "ecchi" harem show with a school setting and magic users too. I didn't know too much about it before I started, but it had a good balance of humor and drama for me without diving too deep for what it was. So I've moved on to the second season.

I put that word in quotes because the show doesn't seem nearly as perverted as other harem anime can get and its level kind of reminds me of "Angel Tails" which was another anime I loved. TFoZ has an overriding plot that I like even though the big twists I've seen were utterly predictable. The charries are nice enough for me not to care about that.

The main ones are so likeable to me which is strange only because I have a habit of disliking main protagonists. Louise does have some rather annoying character flaws, but it just gives me an endearing desire to hit her in the face with her own damn horsewhip because of the way the storyline makes her treat the male lead all the time.

I got into it enough to make it most of the way through the 12 ep second season. There's a different female in the mix who could be a better choice for the male lead, but it seems obvious that it wouldn't happen. My fave charries so far is Kirche, though. Her friendship with Tabitha and her own familiar are great.

Kirche's design has a different skin tone from the rest that makes her stand out in a good way. The rest of them are pale white because it's set in a fantasy world of Western-based monarchies. Of course there would be battle elements and royal women to go along with the mage theme and lack of tech advancements.

I'm actually interested enough just to watch the one anime to the end since the seasons aren't that long and there's only four. It's been on my list for quite some time anyway. I just didn't have the other collections.

Oh, and just to note, I did spend some time with Grandma earlier this evening. We had dinner with Mom and chatted for a while. It was actually a good day for Mom and I too. I'm glad we still have good ones together. She just gets into moods sometimes, but she does take Prozac. I'm the one with Bipolar agitation some days, but it's bothered me less this year.

Mom really doesn't talk about her feels at all because she's emotionally avoidant and repressed until those rare moments I can pry open her clam shell with great effort. Most of the time she'll put up a wall by shutting down. She'll change the subject quickly or act flustered or go silent on me without much warning even though I realize her behaviors.

If I'm too emotional she'll clam up fast because it affects her so much. She had to see me suffer a lot during my childhood so I can understand the reaction and how it must remind her of those days. But I'm not a troubled little girl anymore. I'm a troubled woman who chooses not to be repressed. I choose not to emulate her hang ups.

I never want to bottle it all up until I burst. That's not healthy and it really doesn't do you any favors. I guess she's got nowhere else for it to go even though she could talk to me about anything. I have to come to her so often because she's involved, but when it's an issue with my father then I really do blow up at him lately.

Ugh, no emo! Today wasn't a terrible day with my parents and I'm happy and grateful to still have those. And I think I'm going to be getting the recliner I've needed for a long time too! I found this spacious one at Big Lots and they said they could pay part of the price as a birthday gift because it's something I really need. My old one has been ripped up by our dog.

If it's able to fit in my recliner space in our den then it would be awesome. There's a slight space to my side that would be big enough for Lucius so he wouldn't always be a furry brick on my chest the way he does. Mom was the one who pointed it out to me so I sat in it and actually liked it a lot from the get-go. It would be amazing to have!

I did get a bunch of birthday loot back when Julie was visiting, but everyone hates my chair. Even the dog who ruined it tends to avoid it these days. It's finally to that point. It needs to get acquainted with the roadside. There are people who come by looking for old junk who might be able to salvage it for something even if it's just spare parts.

Here's hoping my ideal recliner fits in my appointed space! :D
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