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...that I recently caught on EWTN which thoroughly explains so many historical facets of liberalism, socialism, Marxism, Gnosticism. It expresses their incompatibility with Christianity through a Catholic perspective. The information on Saul Alinksy is valuable insight.

It touches topics such as the degradation of God-given morality, the so-called "sexual revolution", political correctness and humanist beliefs. Of course it includes anti-Christian sentiments in that list as it explains Communism's assault on the Catholic Church.

Alinksy told William F. Buckley Jr. in a 1967 television interview, "My problem and the problem of any organizer of a free society, an open society, is he doesn’t have a prime truth. Truth is relative and changing."

The documentary touches upon the problem of relativism and as Father Pacwa states in the film, Alinksy's method is "divorced from standard morality". Honestly, his methods lack morality altogether as such can only be defined by God Himself meaning that morality is absolute.

Oh, and the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) partly funded Barack Obama’s training in community organizing in the '80s through the Industrial Areas Foundation which was founded by Alinksy.

I knew a lot of this information already, but this was a good documentary that really unmasks Alinksy although the specific Catholic perspective in the film isn't one that I share.

If you're still asking why being a "community organizer" qualified Obama to become president, the answer is basically Saul Alinksy.


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