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I never posted that fanfiction writing project I did for NaNoWriMo a while back, did I? I've been tweaking it here and there so it's really being edited a lot and I've even reimagined some parts of it. I'd say it really isn't finalized just yet and could still use some improvements.

I'll definitely post it somewhere online when I'm finished, though. Then I'll link back to it on LJ and DW, but I don't really know when that's going to be. It isn't much of a priority for me right now. My health is always in my top five and I guess I'd put that fanfic project somewhere in my top ten although there are other such personal projects of more importance.

My cat Lucius was sick a while back and his medication didn't help enough so we took him back to the vet. He's currently on a more long-term oral medication and a new food for sensitive skin and stomachs. Pearl is joining him on his diet to see if it helps her with a problem of her own. She occasionally throws up a bit and I was hoping the new food would help stop that habit.

They've been doing well otherwise. There weren't any more incidents with poisoned animals after that rat and cat came around thankfully. I just pray that no more neighborhood creatures get into any poison again. I don't even like the idea of using it on vermin because it's such a painful, horrible way to die. It's truly inhumane.

I met someone new recently who's going to our church. His name is Wyatt and he's about 17 years old. I learned about his tough situation and how members of the church have been helping him out lately. They had gotten him almost everything he needed, but when I heard how they forgot to even get him some bath towels I just had to ask if someone had thought to get him a Bible too.

Apparently our pastor forgot the most important material item of all! So Mom and I went to Walmart and bought Wyatt a travel-size Bible with the largest text for its compact size. It's a pretty good one for how small it is, and I also found a travel-sized Bible in black with a Celtic cross on the front for myself. It had very small font, but that's something I love about it.

I was able to give Wyatt's to him personally when Mom and I took him out to lunch a while back. It was a gift Bible and I just put that it was "presented" by our church family, which only means that I handed it to Wyatt from the back seat of Mom's SUV before we went to eat that day.

Our pastor came over for a minute to see the Bible and remarked upon my choice of wording as being classy. He did let Wyatt know that I picked it out myself and it was mainly from me, though. I thought that was nice of him in return. I had wanted it to be especially from me, but as a gift of our entire church family that I was just privileged to pick out myself.

I was going to be upfront about saying that Mom and I picked it out for Wyatt together when we talked to him since I didn't think I needed to hide my part in it or anything. Presenting a Bible should really be something the church does at the person's baptism, though. I was going to ask our pastor about that and some other topics the next chance I get to take him out for lunch.

Wyatt seems to be lonely so we thought we might take him somewhere to eat and then to a movie this week. My father's been taking him to lunch regularly since he's one of the deacons and he was asked if he would help out. I'm not sure what movie we can see with him, though. Maybe King Arthur? Our pastor took him to POTC 5 already and Mom saw WW with me recently.

He hasn't seen the first Guardians OTG movie yet. And I don't want to pay the price of admission to see another Tom Cruise movie or else I'd just go to Mummy and get it over with. I haven't heard of any others that would be worth paying to see at the cinema lately. I guess that KA is the only real option unless Wyatt turns it down himself, but why would he?

I'm trying to get back to church after last year's health fiascos and that rocky March I had this year which was followed soon after by other people's health troubles. That was alongside my flair up of Bipolar-related insanity, but that didn't really last all that long and I'm on my trial run of new meds for it right now.

Speaking of that, it's gone well except for the way the 40mg Geodon in the morning seems to put me to sleep again if I eat a meal too soon after taking it. That's an issue because of my Levothyroxine. I have to take it by itself on an empty stomach after at least three hours and then I wait another hour before eating. I'm super hungry when I get up because I'm diabetic.

All of that makes waiting to take the Geodon and then waiting some more before I eat a real pain in the ass. I'm not even sure what I can do to get around it, but maybe the fact that it's making me so sleepy means I need less of a dose. Honestly, I'm not sure how much lower I can go before it becomes irrelevant. It's just 40mg for goodness' sake!

Does it even go down further? It seems like 30mg or something lower might be entirely pointless, but I've been taking a pretty low dose of it every evening for years. That one is 60mg and it helps me sleep whenever possible. I don't know that lowering the evening dose would be a good idea. It's really just the morning one that's giving me trouble.

I'm going back to my psychologist on the 14th so I can discuss how this trial run worked out for me, though. I'm going to ask for either the psychologist himself or the man we saw last time who shares my surname. He was very direct and easy to understand especially since he doesn't have a thick accent that he mumbles out like the psychologist.

Maybe the dose can go lower so I won't feel like taking a nap right after my first meal of the day. It's gotten to be pretty annoying, but even more so in light of how well it's working and the fact that I've avoided insomnia since I started this trial. That's highly unusual, but it means I'm not having frequent spells of Bipolar symptoms from my SZA too. That's amazing.

I forgot what it was like not to have insomnia or some level of Bipolar issues even while I'm awake. My thoughts have been less aggravatingly loud, fast and/or multiplied which is a truly amazing feeling. Who knew that just adding a morning dose could do so much for me, but no one's ever really discussed it in a clear and concise manner with me before.

I'm happy we caught that guy at the office and that I noticed how my diagnosis has evolved since about a year or so ago. I'm not exactly sure about the time frame since I have dyscalculia and it's hard to pinpoint even the critical moments of its evolution. But I became acutely aware of its changes during that flair up of Bipolar symptoms recently.

I'll pause here to say that I've apparently being taking an impromptu break on surveys for a while now as I'm sure some people on my flist and non-LJ friends have noticed. I just don't like doing them constantly, something that's always been true for me, but I do intend to start taking them again sometime this year.

Taking breaks even from things you love is refreshing. It makes getting back into them again all the more fulfilling and then you can reconnect with how much you enjoy something. Doing anything constantly would feel oppressive to me, though. I favor a certain degree of spontaneity in my life that leaves room for flexibility. Taking a breather is nice for now.

And that's it for my general life update. I've definitely done more of these lifeposts lately. It's not bad to use LJ and DW for talking about my life and personal issues sometimes even though I did less of that in recent history. It's therapeutic to put my problems into words and to keep them recorded somewhere. I hope that doesn't bother the survey journalers too much.

Sometime later today or tomorrow I'm going to make a new swag post. Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to call them. I've bought some new merch at GameStop on two different trips recently. I'll just restart my "habit" by posting about what I've found which includes PKMN plushes, Pops and one new Amiibo that I really adore.

Until then, friends. ❤


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