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Before anyone gets confused, "s(ch)wag was originally used to describe promotional items. This meaning broadened to anything given to an attendee of an event as a promotional stunt. It didn't gain much notoriety until the 90s, though. The newer meanings were actually based on an older definition referring to goods acquired by unlawful means. However, modern swag isn't stolen but given freely.

My take? There isn't anything in this world that's free and anything claiming to be is just bonus content. I'm using it to describe my entertainment purchases here because I consider "s(ch)wag" to also include the things you buy. So from here on out it's just a reference to cool stuff in general that I picked up during any ol' shopping jag of mine.

Which leads me to "jagger" indicating someone who "jags" and referring an overindulgence. That includes shopping sprees and those who've read my LJ in the last year or two know that I go on those as often as possible. I stopped posting about my purchases for a while when my health deteriorated, but I talked about doing so again a while back.

So what have I bought lately? I had two shopping trips to separate GameStop stores recently and I picked up some PKMN plushes, more Pops and one fantastic Amiibo too. I'll start with the Pokedolls. I caught myself yet another Pichu because I could and I quickly followed up with a Mew get. But before those two I caught a beautiful Ninetales.

The new Pops I've gotten are Gamora 199, Deadpool 20 and Poison Ivy (Batman: TAS) 157 and the new Amiibo I snagged today was my fave recent purchase. It's the GITD Boo from the Mario franchise! I love the Boo baddies, but especially GITD versions like that awesome N3DS cover I saw late last year. It was just too dang expensive so I bought my No.055 Zelda one instead.

The GITD Boo cover plate is Kisekae No.050 and even the used ones run at about $130 on Amazon while the new ones run up to nearly $300 for goodness' sake. My blood just isn't that rich, but maybe I could swing one of the used ones for $130 by using most of my monthly budget.

Cripes. It looks so fracking awesome, though. It's hard to resist… Maybe I'll have to save up for it for a while or just order one beforehand as a Christmas gift. I'm not sure how to work it into my life. LOL It's something I've been looking at on and off for a while now and I'd love to get myself at least three cover plate sets.

The only other one I like is the $13 No.041 KK Slider face cover plate set because it's one of the few really good ones I've seen that features a charrie face on the front. Most of them aren't worth it. The perspective is just too large and most of the face is absent from the front plate with ones for Luigi or Princess Peach for example.

I have to wrap this up rather abruptly since I'm leaving for church very soon and we've got to make a stop over at my grandmother's beforehand.

See you, friends. ❤

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