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It kept giving me beef about having five or so tabs open and then it told me to frack off before it died. Now I'm using my mother's Chromebook. I tried doing several things to resuscitate mine, but it was pretty apparent that it had died a horrible death from the start.

For those who know more about computers than I do, this is making me wonder about a better choice of Chromebook. Mine was an HP and it worked well while it lasted, but I'd just complain about the battery life and it's inability to handle my long nights. I'm already checking out CB specs online and liking some of what I've found, though.

How 'bout that sexy Acer Chromebook R11? Okay, I don't mean her design, I mean her specs. She's got a good battery life and she's a workhorse that can go to town on one of those long insomniac nights. She'll do 360 flips for days. The cons are a terrible track pad I don't care about because I use a mouse on the regular and an HD-only display. Boohoo.

It's not like I need an F/QHD. I happen to like smaller electronics and displays. Hence my use of the smallest font available on this document I'm typing in right now. (Yeah, I'm using Arial 8 on this.) My eyes actually enjoy small print so a smaller screen capacity really isn't a deal-breaker for me. It's more of an ice-breaker really!

Oh, you're ugly as frack? I don't care what you look like on the outside, R11, just as long as you've got that SSD inside.

Here's some of her specs. CPU: Intel Celeron N3150. RAM: 2GB–4GB. Storage: 16GB–32GB SSD.

Some more pros? It supports Android apps via the Google Play Store and it's a 360 hinge as previously mentioned, but it's a touchscreen. The R11's even easier to swallow when you consider the price tag too and the audio output is nice for what it is.

However! I'm considering the new Samsung Chromebook Pro because I've always had good things to say about Samsung, but it's an eMMC which functions somewhere between the speeds of an HDDs and an SSD. Bummer. They are power-efficient and silent like SSDs at least, but I don't know if I should go with Samsung for this...

I get this good vibe about the Acer R11 the more I read about it. I'm liking her metallic style with that nano-imprint tech. She's got that MIMO 802.11ac wireless technology going on. That's longer signal ranges and nice wireless connection speeds. And a rare bonus is that it supports a fast USB 3.0 port.

So for anyone who gives a rat's and my tech friends -- and I was just interrupted by Pearl the Cat who wrote "hyhy" as she ran over my keyboard, which sounds suspiciously like "hehe" to me. *side-eyes her* -- Anyway… If any of my tech friends who don't use LJ are reading this then they can drop me an email or PM about my inner-gone-outer debate.

I'm leaning toward the R11 muchly right now. I most def do not want to try my fortune with another HP at this point and I need a long battery life fo sho during those long nights of insomnia. Keep in mind that I do heavy web-surfing, video-binging, music-listening and Gdoc-writing as staples of my internet diet.

This is the Acer page for the one I adore with the SSD. I don't see why I'd need anything more than that and even this one is a bit much for me. It's just so danged appealing. I was wanting to upgrade to a touchscreen with a 360 hinge anyway.

I'm almost set on it at this point. Unless there's a good reason not to go with my gut here. R13 can has no Intel? I mean, I even know HIS name right now. LOL OMSwirls, it's Burt Cilk who apparently works at CBS. Yeah, I'm naming mine that if I go with it.

1 1241300 132T C1LK @ CB5. Remember that shit? Yeah, I used to ban people for that. Haha.

If you can read any manner of 1337 speak then it's just this: "I raboo BRT CILK @ CBS." (Raboo = rabu = love. Because 1s as Ls after a 1 as an I is confusing. Like that sentence. It would've been "10v3" or "|0\/3" or "|_0v3" there. It's like having OVER 9K dialects to annoy you with. That's why I would perma ban hammer that shit faster than any other offense. Nostalgic nao.

I clearly need to get the frack off of the internet now.

Until next time, friends. 💕

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