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It came earlier this week, but I've been sick with digestive problems for a few days so I took time off from the internet. I was supposed to return to my psychologist's office on Wednesday, but that was postponed until Thursday because I woke up feeling absolutely awful that morning. I already get it, mornings aren't easy for me.

Mom keeps scheduling my appointments early in the day despite how I sometimes wake up feeling really sick. I mean, we've talked about my issues with morning appointments before, but she just doesn't remember. She can't recall other things as simple as checking my meals at a drive-through or making sure she reads the labels when she's grocery shopping.

Her memory has gotten really terrible, but she's over 65 now. It's not a surprise. My long-term memory has actually improved on the other hand and yet my short-term memory has a few problems. I'll have to read and re-read directions a few times and relaying messages to people is also a problem if it's not a short one.

I'm not surprised that my memory problems have evolved since your brain chemistry and other aspects certainly don't stay frozen in time, but it does bring up the old adage that if it isn't one thing then it's another. I'll likely have some form of memory problems all of my life although it's not that bothersome to me right now.

This laptop certainly is smaller than my last, but I'm liking it a lot so far even though I'm still getting used to how I've down-sized. I just haven't used it enough to be accustomed to the change yet. And now that I've used my headphones on it a couple of times, I can say that the sound on this one is much better than my HP Chromebook. That's a definite plus for me.

The screen size is assuredly small, but the resolution doesn't bother me. It's actually a positive aspect since I'm more comfortable with small print in books and online text. That really was a selling point for me personally and I'm happy with it so far.

I've yet to find any downsides, but I haven't used it nearly enough to see any yet. I'm sure there's something besides the poor track pad to complain about, but I prefer to use my mouse anyway. That's another reason I chose the Acer R11 along with its 360 hinge function that I haven't even had the opportunity to check out yet.

I'll get on that after I spend a while getting used to the keys. As the size of the Chromebook is different, I'm getting a feel for the smaller keyboard right now. It's not that difficult, but I'm still adjusting. It's honestly my preference. I tend to like smaller gadgets unless I need a larger viewing screen, but that's not often an issue of mine.

I did visit my psychologist's office to see the same man I saw last time and I told him that the 40mg Geodon I was taking in the morning was putting me back in bed after my meals. He told Mom and I a few more interesting things about my prescription before reducing it to 20mg too. He said that it works best on a meal with protein, something I noticed recently.

I'm going to see how well it works when I get the new prescription tomorrow, unless there's some issue at the pharmacy as they occasionally have communication problems with certain doctors. I'll just be taking the rest of the 40mg pills until I get the new ones because I skipped a few just to stay awake. It was necessary to attend daytime appointments.

I'm just hoping that the 20mg pills will be worthwhile. The others did help stabilize my Bipolar moods more, but they were just sedating me too much. It's hard to be agitated or mellow or pretty much anything while you're asleep. The guy at the office did sympathize with that and understood why I couldn't take them the entire time.

If the new dosage doesn't work out for me, I'm not sure what the next step will be. I don't really want to drop the Geodon since it's completely controlling the Schizophrenic aspects of SZA right now. It would be awful to be forced into trying new prescriptions. I'm a bit concerned about that, but I am trying to stay positive and hopeful since I haven't even tried the new dosage yet.

The other things of note are just a movie I rented and the new season of Alone on History. I watched "The Lego Batman Movie" by myself sometime last night and I thought it was pretty good. Actually, I liked it better than "The Lego Movie" since I really wasn't that fond of its main protagonist.

TLBM's version of Robin and their take on Barbara Gordon were refreshing, and there were so many good jokes poking fun at the Batman franchise. It was much more memorable than TLM was and I preferred its overall message as a matter of personal taste and regarding my observations of Batman in some of his more brooding incarnations.

The first episode of "Alone: Lost & Found" was pretty good too, but I don't really know if I'm going to prefer their dual survival take to their solo seasons yet. True to fashion, the usual happened although I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

It is made up of two-person teams, though. It's an interesting new spin on the show's premise since they won't be entirely alone the whole time, but it does create new problems for the contestants even though that might make for better television.

That's it for a general update since I've mostly just been sick lately. It hasn't been anything that bad, but I felt really fatigued and I just wanted to watch TV or go sleep. It seems to be getting better, though.

Maybe I can be online more to get a feel for my new Chromebook and to start posting surveys again sometime soon. This is still the year of no commitments, though!

Until next time, friends. ❤


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