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He had it outside yesterday in the early morning and all of the nearby birds were having a fit so I got out of bed. My only goal was to get Pearl out of harm's way when I saw her looking entirely confused and panicked, but in the process of picking her up and bringing her in Lucius decided to bring in the baby bird too.

I got Pearl out of the way and removed Lucius from the situation, but I wasn't about to handle a wild animal so I woke up my father. He said it would've been easier for me to do it, but I've never touched a wild animal in that manner and it could've attacked me.

He got it out of the house, but Lucius was acting completely perturbed and started taking it out on Pearl when I let her back in from our garage. The only thing I could do was let her back out there and try to calm him down by keeping myself calm foremost and giving him some space.

Lucius eventually took one of his kicker toys and went after it so violently that it nearly tore in half by the end of his attack. He eventually calmed down and I was able to let Pearl back into the house successfully, but that really was an unpleasant morning.

I know I handled it well, but I'm concerned about him. His behavior is sometimes too wild and he can get too rough with Pearl when he's acting out like that. It's not a constant problem, but I can't always be there to straighten out the situation. I mean, I've got to sleep at some point.

It seems as if his behavior gets like that when he's having a flair up of his digestive issues that give him gas and runny stools. We're feeding him a more expensive brand of food catered to sensitive skin and stomachs, though. He hasn't even been getting any Temptations either.

The only way to completely regulate his intake would be confining him to our house, but that's not a viable option at this point. He's very much an indoor-outdoor cat; he's spent the majority of his short life outside. I know he would suffer from a lack of quality in his life if I were to confine him inside.

When it comes to this, I already believe in quality of life over quantity and confining him would never absolutely guarantee him a longer life anyway. I've honestly done the best I can with him as far as his digestive and behavioral problems go. I'm just concerned about his aggression bordering into violence aimed at my other cat now.

I'm watching him as closely as I can during his more active hours and I have the ability to sense his comfort level. I can tell when he's in a negative mood, which probably stems directly from his digestive upsets. It indicates him getting a hold on prey animals outside that he really doesn't need to be eating.

There's just no way to stop him without confining him and I can't do so in good conscience. The most I can do is keep a close eye on him, especially when Pearl is in the vicinity. I just hope I'm never absent during one of his fits if he decides to go after my other cat.

At least his main food source here at home seems to be giving him better nutrition. He even gained some weight as he should've after he was neutered. He's still eating a lot when he comes in despite being lazier during the day, but I don't think I can let him have Temptations again.

He acted like an addict over those things and I'm sure they don't help his stomach. I can still give them to Pearl whenever he's outside. She's eating the new food too, but his own diet needs to stay strict to get a benefit from it.

If he does become too violent with Pearl, I'm not sure how I'll have to handle it. That's the only thing that really concerns me right now. If he gets far too out of hand and becomes a real danger to her then I would be forced to give him to someone else.

I definitely refuse to risk one pet's safety in favor of babying another. That's not a healthy way to respond to such a situation. It would be extremely difficult to ever part with him, but I would make that decision if need be. I've got to be a responsible caregiver.

It's certainly not at that point right now, though. I've just got to keep a good watch over him to make sure he doesn't progress into a little terror. The worst response would be losing my calm demeanor, but that's fortunately not how I handle problems. It's good that I'm level-headed even in a crisis because I need that kind of personality for things like this.

I have to say that ever since he showed up, life with my cats has been eventful. He's definitely brought some excitement, even though some of it has been negative. I know I'm one of the few who would honestly put up with his level of neediness, though.

God wouldn't give me this cat and then force me to hand him over to someone else unless there were a lesson to be learned from the entire experience. That means I'll have learned something even if I ever had to part with him, and that's a good reason to have known him.

No matter what happens next, I know that while adopting one cat won't change the world, that one cat's world will change forever. I'm always happy to help a cat.
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