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I've done some more and I'm actually posting them the same day. Surprise and joy!

I'm loving the fact that DW has a cross-posting function so I don't have to copy-pasta and it looks as if several LJers have flocked on over in ph34r of the Russian Federation anyway. It's the right time to be cross-posting. Thus my forethought to get a DW account back in December. I'm only bummed that someone's dead RP account has "eyeofthetigress" right now.

But I use the 86, which comes from my birth year, on Tumblr and on one of my email accounts anyway. Someone else got to the rest of it first over at Tumblr, unfortunately. At least the 86 version was available on DW!

The lyric for my cut is from 311's Amber. Remember them? If not, you might want to check them out if you like 90s alt music. You know, back when tunes were better. I listened to them in my late teens after my deeper, darker phase full of Inkubus Sukkubus, Within Temptation, Theatre Of Tragedy, etc.

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This will be my last batch of old surveys! Did I really post it all? I was starting to think it wouldn't be done. Hopefully I can just do some and then directly post them the next time around. But I won't commit to that!

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I'm actually posting some more. Maybe this non-committal thing is working for me. NEVER COMMIT! I guess not setting up deadlines for myself is refreshing. And then I don't feel pressured by myself to do things when I don't want to do things.

2017 is the year of not committing myself to anything but major goals!

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Here's some more surveys from earlier this week. I'm actually surprised I've finally posted some of them, but I'm glad I got off my ass about it last night. I was really getting backlogged.

And some surveys from last Monday. )
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Here's the beginning of all those surveys I've been taking since last Sunday. I don't really have much else to say right now, though. Yesterday was mainly for sleeping after I had insomnia on Tuesday, but I ended up getting several things done that day. I had an appointment with my psychologist and then Mom and I had lunch at Red Lobster.

I also went with Mom when she took her mother to one of her doctors and then Mom and I went into Walgreens. That's where I bought some more of the Ferrero Rocher chocolate hazelnut candies I love. Then I found a couple more of those Beanie Boo backpack clip ons and yet another Pop! fig. This time I picked up the unmasked Spider-Gwen, a Walgreens exclusive.

I'll be posting more of the surveys I've done this week slowly, I guess. There are already several of them saved in my doc that're ready to be posted when I get around to it. I'm still not committing to anything, though!

Oh, and I'm going back to an even simpler format. Using those blockquotes is too time-consuming and I can't commit the HTML to memory. The Qs are bolded and the As have an arrow in front of them the way I used to do.

Surveys from last Sunday. )
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This batch was started at around 10:30 PM on the 28th of February, but it probably won't get posted until after midnight. I've liked doing a short foreword on my survey posts and I thought I continue doing that just to sum up the day I've had when I'm starting my surveys. I'll keep it to two or three such paragraphs with notations on when I've started the survey batch.

I've just been super busy lately with only one weekend of insomnia. I spent the other one just chillaxing. It's basically as if I decided to take the rest of February off when it comes to LJ and Tumblr, but I kept up with my closest internet friends via my chats. I'm trying not to entirely cut off contact with them since they had been so concerned about it last year.

I've had two appointments with my nutritionist and my dietary changes have gone really well so far. I noticed so much improvement in all facets when I cut out most whole wheat products. I'm also trying to be more vigilant about reading the product information concerning carbs, sugar and certain ingredients such as enriched flour.

Lucius finally went to a vet check-up on the Tuesday before last. He's apparently about three years old and in good condition besides having a flea problem that we promptly took care of at the vet's office. However, he's been MIA since around ten AM last Monday morning and it's made me a bit worried about him although he has disappeared before. I just hope he's okay.

I chose a Kougra on Neopets because they look a bit like Lucius. )

It's currently 11:50 PM and I'll be posting these on Tumblr and LJ sometime after midnight. I'm going to look around for Lucius and get something to eat before I return which might include watching some late night television. See you soon!

Edit: I'm posting this at 6:50 AM on Wednesday after much procrastination. I've just rejoined Neopets on a new account at eyeofthetigress86 with Tigrlily86 as my yellow female Kougra. Apparently you can't do trades until you've spent 24 hours with your account even though I've got this weird-looking garland thing I'd love to unload on someone else.

Edit: I'll keep the foreword shorter next time since it looks large to me what with these afterthoughts following the cut. Maybe two or three paragraphs total for both next time.

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This came up on my dashboard as a writing prompt:

"For thousands of years, you have been cursed to grant the wishes of mortals.

The problem is that you don’t really have magic, besides the one keeping you alive and bound, which means you have to jump through hoops and come up with creative but shockingly mundane ways in order to fulfill them.

One day, a girl trudges through a dystopian wasteland to find you and for her first wish, asks for the downfall of a tyrannical king."

Of course someone replies with an obligatory "DONALD TRUMP LOLOLOL" for posterity.

My response? (Because I couldn't help myself.)

"D. Trump. In office less than 100 days. Facing obstructionism from the Left. Lost Flynn. STILL called a tyrant. LOL"

For serious, the man has barely even done anything!

It's not easy being the new Hitler.

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I started this batch at 9 PM on Wednesday and posting them on my Tumblr side blog will be faster. That's eyeofthetigress86 once again, but I've put up a link on my Intro page here. It doesn't take as long to post them there since I don't do the HTML as meticulously, but they'll eventually appear here too since there are people on my flist who do surveys.

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I did these on V-Day in the evening. I hope everyone had a good one this year whether they're attached or not. Mine was pretty good without doing anything special for it. My Mom bought me three stuffies at Walmart beforehand.

I've got a cute grey teddy holding a pink heart with "Be Mine" on it in grey cursive. Then there's a panda whose dark parts are a deep pepper color and he's got a heart outline on the bottom of his left foot. The third is a little white poodle with red ribbons on her ears.

Since it was incredibly windy with a cold front coming in last night, I was permitted to let Lucius into certain parts of the house. He hung out for a while as he checked everything out thoroughly. But then he wanted to go prowling the streets.

It was a good V-Day for me! ♥

Valentine's Day surveys done yesterday. )

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I did this particular batch on Monday night, but I went to bed early. I'm posting surveys one by one on my Tumblr side blog, but I'm going to keep grouping them on here. I'd rather not flood people's friends pages.

...hope with a gentle persuasion whispers a comforting word. )

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LJ and Tumblr activities update. )

TL;DR? I'm relegating certain topics of interest to Tumblr, but I'll still be posting my surveys here for those interested. I think I'll start posting other memes too. Maybe I'll put up some results from blogthings! ♥

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I'm going back to a simpler format by request from a close friend although it's always subject to change. I'll likely be posting fewer surveys in a single go too until further notice because I might not do so many at once.

I'm also going back to square one on numbering these. I want to see how many I've done during the year later on. These two are from yesterday just so you know.

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Just so you know, I've started this lifepost at about 7:45 PM on the 10th. I've got some things to get done before posting and I probably won't get around to this until tomorrow. I'm spending a lot of quality time with Lucius lately, I need to get myself some dinner and I've got shows to watch on the DVR too. And I might even end up in bed before posting this.

General update. )
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I did talk to my pastor. )

I hope the rest of you had a good NYE and NYD! I'll be praying into this new year for those of you I've come to enjoy speaking to via LJ. Sorry for having dropped off for so long. 2016 was a hard year for many of us. I pray that 2017 will be better!


March 12th, 2016 06:52 pm
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Tigress. 31. Female. Texas.

Moshi moshi! Welcome to the tiger's den.

I am the cat who walks by herself and all places are alike to me.

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Welcome again to the tiger's den!
And have a nice stay, but always remember one thing.
It's the lady or the tiger, darling.


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