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2016-03-12 06:52 pm

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Tigress. 31. Female. Texas.

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I am the cat who walks by herself and all places are alike to me.

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Welcome again to the tiger's den!
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2017-06-16 01:00 am
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2017-06-04 06:02 pm
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Polipost - "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

This is a documentary on Saul D. Alinksy... )

If you're still asking why being a "community organizer" qualified Obama to become president, the answer is basically Saul Alinksy.

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2017-04-11 07:06 am
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Survs #31-15

I've already posted all of these to Tumblr by 5:43 AM on Tuesday, but my cat started harassing me for attention. I'll have to postpone posting the whole batch to DW and LJ for a bit...

It's 6:28 AM now and Lucius finally let me go after giving him some love and attention. I did these surveys yesterday, but I got sidetracked several times and then I finally fell asleep. Otherwise I've been distracted by anime. At least I'm posting anything at all, right? I could just as easily ignore social media sites like LJ and DW, but I'm still a survey-taker.

I've also bought so much merch that I haven't even talked about. Whatever happened to that? I've recently bought two Mario plushies and one more Pokedoll along with the Pop! of Clyde from Pac-man. I bought another of Blinky too because the one I had gotten before had stuff moving inside the box. I could never get him to display well.

The Mario plushies were one of Tanooki Mario and one of the Piranha Plant while the Pokedoll is a standing version of Eevee. It turns out that the Walgreens near the Casa Ole we like had a much better stock! I'm wanting to go back to it sometime next month only because I'm already out of funds for April after spending $30 on DD over on Goatlings.

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If I buy anymore plushies or Pop! figs sometime next month then I guess I can start posting about that again here. Honestly, I should delve into my staff of plushies and make a list of what I actually have. That might be a good, small project for me during the rest of this month or sometime in May before my birthday.

I've gotten several Pop! figs in the last few months, but I didn't add them to my online list. I lost track of that somewhere along the way so I should probably review my inventory of those as well and then update my PPG stats. Whenever I actually get all of that done, I'll make a post about it detailing all my updates.

As for right now, I'm probably heading off to bed pretty soon. It's already 7:03 AM. I had to finish my HTML and I got side-tracked by some things I wanted to search online. I've got some more surveys lined up for later, though!